Home made tacos

I’m having a lush night listening to Parisian Café radio and enjoying a sumptuous meal for one with a glass of wine. The occasion: Wednesday evening and I love myself. I baked a sweet potato and a yellow pepper. Jared put some pinto beans in the slow cooker overnight, so I cooked those up with chilli, cumin, coriander, onions and garlic. I also made a fresh salsa with baby Roma tomatoes, garlic, and a jalapeño pepper. I’ve got some lovely soft maseca flour and a tortilla press, so mixed in some water, rolled out balls of dough, flattened them into tortillas and dry cooked them on our cast-iron pan. I assembled the lot and topped it with home-made vegan kimchi and purple sauerkraut. I over-loaded my tortillas and enjoyed a delicious mess by candlelight with some shiraz to wash it all down. Brilliant. Beautiful.

This meal is simple and also isn’t. It demands time, and gifting some to myself in the middle of a busy week feels generous and right. Why wouldn’t I? Should I make something quick and watch a streamed TV show instead? It feels so much more indulgent and “giving in” to me to use that time to make something delicious and beautiful. My time in the kitchen is my time; I unwind, I think, smell, taste, plan, chop, wash, sautée and feel fulfilled and happy in so doing.

In life, we have art, food, politics, sleep, sex, exercise, family and friends. Hopefully work can find itself wrapped into one of the aforementioned (in my case it’s art). Take your time, do something really good for yourself, and don’t forget to have a little wine.



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